Welcome to Dawn of the Tiger Publishing LLC

I am your Music Publishing Agent , Michael Messina , I hope your having a great music experience.

My goal is to get your music registered for sale with the copyright office, soundscan, Harry Fox Agency. These are crucial for the success of your royalty payouts from music streaming sites, record sales and distribution, performance royalties, mechanical licenses.

Our services will help you manage your music business with your account setup. We are not attorneys and can not offer legal advice but we know a thing or two about music career guidance. Together, we can help with your music and legal advice until the money starts rolling in which will take a couple of years of investment and comittment on your part as a musician, artist/producer to set up your talent network.

We as Publisher’s will be able to notify you when royalties start coming in so you can prepare your taxes and payments in order for compliance and successful management.

Why set up a Publishing Account ?

  • Because it gives you a foot in the door of the most important sales and logistics of who is purchasing your music and how much sales you are making month to month and year to year.
  • Also, if you want to make money in music business, you will need a publisher ! That’s us !
Photo by Inga Seliverstova on Pexels.com

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